Raining woman

Four days of community, nature, and soulspace in the mountains of Vermont

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Raining Woman is four lush days of community, nature, and soulspace to come together and share our selves and our gifts with each other as a way:

To connect with yourself and reflect on your valuesTo connect with one another and commit to practicing that same deep connecting outside of Raining WomanTo connect with our collective potential and explore what the power of community can be, mean, and inspire

“What the world needs now is a pursuit of freedom rooted not in the fear of someone “taking” what’s “ours”, but in a radical kind of love that refuses to settle for meanings of justice, safety, and independence that re-create the shackles, borders, color lines, and other punitive forms of policing and surveillance we just escaped to claim our freedom. Our imagination of freedom have to be born out of practice inhabiting places of containment with an improbably sense of unity, compassion, conviction, and possibility”
-Jasmine Syedullah, Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation


(These values are not static. They will be revisited when we all convene for Raining Woman)


Raining Woman embraces people of all identities. Despite the gendered name, the title “Raining Woman” is intended to pay homage to the life-giving nature of water and the fighting/loving women (particularly POC, indigenous, queer, trans, working-class, disabled women) whose light guides us and whose shoulders we stand on (and to riff off of Burning Man). We will not tolerate hate in this space and any perpetrators of hate/violence will be held accountable (we can discuss what this means when we convene together).


Everyone is a co-creator. We each bring unique gifts to share with the community, and we are all accountable for ourselves and our collective experience. This means:
Community-driven programmingEngaging with conflict in open and direct waysCurating group norms, group values, and systems of managing tension/conflict together


We pay attention to our needs and those of others around us - through deep listening, respecting our / each other’s bodies/boundaries, and seeking help and asking others if they need help.


Raining Woman is not a utopia. Humans are messy, we have baggage, and we bring that where we go. Raining Woman is instead a commitment to self-growth and its implications for a community.


We actively, continuously choose to be honest with ourselves and each other, even when it is inconvenient or hard. Courage fuels our decisions to take risks, trust others, and be soft.


We believe in our collective ability to build a kinder world, and engage in silly and serious shenanigans to make it so.

“Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world”
-bell hooks, Killing Rage: Ending Racism

The mountains of vermont


Thursday May 30 - Sunday June 2, 2019


Knoll Farm, Vermont
(check it out here, it's a beautiful spot and the owners share our values - https://www.knollfarm.org/the-refuge/)


Every participant of Raining Woman is also a co-designer - the festival is our collective creation! We ask each invitee to invite ~3 of their soul friends.

We want this to be a space for you to create beautiful moments and deepen relationships with humans you already love and to spark connection with new souls who share values. We will accept all RSVPs on a first-come, first-serve basis until we reach our venue capacity limit of ~35 people.

We will start inviting programming in April, so the earlier folks RSVP, the earlier we can loop them into creative chaos!


RSVP instructions are in the next section.


Standard - $220 (USD) - covers full cost of lodging and food for three nights, four daysCommunity - $250 (USD) - contribute $30 extra to help fund others who may need the extra financial support at the moment Flexible - $220+ (USD) - donate as much as you feel you want to, beyond the standard fare of $220, to make Raining Woman accessible for others


We are building a community-sourced fund in order to make Raining Woman financially accessible for all who want to come. If you need to draw from these funds, please indicate how much you can pay for yourself, and how much you would need from the community-fund. Any money left in the community fund by the end of the event will be evenly disbursed back to those who contributed.


While we would love to pay unicorns a living wage to fly you over, we unfortunately don't have those powers. Which means that you are accountable for your own transportation - either flying into Boston or Burlington, or driving directly to Vermont. There will be carpooling coordinated closer to the date.


Coming soon!


So what actually happens here? We don’t know until you do! Just kidding - there will be meditation in open fields and yoga in barns and meandering hikes through the mountains - but each participant brings their own unique gift to share with the community - whether in the form of a workshop or gluten-free cupcakes. These gifts will inform the programming, and we’ll reach out to coordinate with you in early April.


We'd love to tell you more via texts / voice messages / video chats / whateva - you can reach us at the Raining Woman Welcome group on WhatsApp

“A circle of trust is a group of people who know how to sit quietly "in the woods" with each other and wait for the shy soul to show up... In such a space, we are freed to hear our own truth, touch what brings us joy, become self critical about our faults, and take risky steps toward change - knowing that we will be accepted no matter what the outcome.”
-Parker Palmer


To secure your spot - please Venmo or PayPal Minahil directly (Venmo handle: minahil-amin | PayPal link: paypal.me/minahilamin) with:
the amount of the ticket you want (standard $220 USD, community $250 USD, flexible $220+ USD) the description: "Raining Woman"
And fill out this google form

If you aren't able to pay the full amount for a standard ticket, please pay what you can and indicate how much you'd like to request from the Community Fund in the Google Form.


If you received your invite from someone who themselves can't come to Raining Woman this year, please don't feel intimidated by not knowing anyone! If you're on the fence about coming because of this, Minahil and Macy would love to set up a time to chat over digital tea and get to know you so you get a sense of who we are. That way, you'll know someone there if you choose to come. We'd love for you to come! Hit us up via our Raining Woman Welcome group on WhatsApp

“When we come to it
We must confess that we are the possible
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world
That is when, and only when
We come to it.”
-Maya Angelou